Helium Leak Detector

Nolek is the world’s leading total solution provider of leak testing, proof testing, leak detection, helium charging and recovery and non-destructive testing equipment.
Nolek was founded in 1973 and today is is one of the world’s leading suppliers of leak detection equipment.From the onset, Nolek has been involved in developing standards for leak testing and leak detection and has contributed to many of the industrial leak detection developments.
Nolek’s extensive experience, which includes all measurement and detection methods, has resulted in a broad knowledge and understanding of customized leak testing equipment across a wide range of industries.


Helium Leak Detector
The Agilent Advantage
Rigorous standards in today’s manufacturing and research and development environments require complete leak detection solutions. The Agilent Advantage offers a comprehensive solution the primary component of which is our committment to Maximize your Productivity and Uptime.

Agilent PHD-4 Leak Detector S