Agilent offers a range of vacuum valves that are engineered for reliability, performance, and value. these valves also optimize conductance, operate in a wide variety of applications, and employ a minimum of moving parts. this reduces wear and particle generation which contributes to their performance and reliability. Agilent valves are manufactured using the highest quality vacuum materials and provide a choice of actuation, and a variety of mounting flanges.

Also, we offer a range of vacuum fittings, system components, and valves. Maintain a consistent vacuum with our range of gate valves, isolation valves, ConFlat, Feedthroughs, Klamp and ISO Flanges and Fittings. Ensure a reliable seal with our vacuum sealants and lubricants, including greases, diffusion and vacuum pump oils.


• High/Ultrahigh Vacuum

– Physics research
• Optics
• High energy
– Semiconductor manufacturing
– Electron tube manufacturing
– Surface analysis
(Auger Spectroscopy)
– Molecular beam epitaxy
– Outer space simulation

• Rough Vacuum

– Freeze drying
– Food processing
– Metal ore refining
– Steam plant condensers
– Vacuum distillation

• Medium Vacuum

– Decorative coatings
– Functional coatings
– Chemical processes
– Electron microscopes
– Microscopy sample processing

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